Go From Being
"In LIKE" 
with your Life to 
 With Your Life
using these 11 (proven) strategies.
Hosted by Loving Your Life Expert, Melissa Fino
  • Founder, Love Your Life Community
  •  Masters of Social Work, University of Southern California
  • Life Coach, Blogger & Speaker
  •  Featured in Elephant Journal, Harness Magazine, Ruby Magazine, Women on Topp, Ladies who Launch and most recently the San Diego Voyager
Shame Release Secrets you'll learn from this webinar
This WEBINAR is designed to help women who want to overcome shame. Women who are tired of living their life from the backseat and are ready to move forward and love the life they are living.

If you’re tired of wasting your time and energy on quick fixes that don’t work, this is for you. If you’re tired of using food, alcohol, isolation or any other coping mechanism to mask the pain you’re hiding from, then this is for you. If you’re tired of running then this RIGHT HERE is for you!

Stop wasting your time and your life by running away from something that is always going to follow you.

The only way to HEAL is to FEEL.

So take this one chance, right now, to live your life to the fullest and don’t regret having missed it.

This works for anyone.
 Don't wait for the ball to drop or for that last crisis to happen that's going to make you crumble again.

You don't have to wait. 
You don't have to keep carrying years of resentment and pain around with you. You're not alone.
Secret #1:
 Some women are struggling and thinking, "I don't understand how a new approach can help me, after everything I've already tried."
Secret #2:

H-A-L-T Method: How to Identify and Resolve Shame in Under 10 Minutes"
Secret #3:

How to Transform 
your Life in Less 
Time than Real Watching 
the Housewives of Beverly Hills
Helping you overcome shame and move forward and actually love the life you are living faster than you ever dreamed possible... without wasting your time and energy on something that does not actually help or regretting not having done what you needed to do to live you’re fullest life.
"When I first started working with Melissa, my life seemed lifeless. After a few months of working with her I was able to discover a clear vision for where I wanted to be and was given strategies to help me get there! My time spent with Melissa was invaluable and I will forever be grateful".

 -Cindy Dupont, Arizona
"When I first met Melissa she said she could change my life and I thought she was crazy. But the joke was clearly on me. Melissa changed my life in a way that I could have never imagined. She created a safe space for me to be heard and nurtured me on my journey. Together we laughed and cried and somehow along the way I began to shed layers that I never knew I was carrying. Life changing to say the LEAST!"

-Claudia Fonseca, California
"Melissa helped me identify road blocks that were keeping me from moving forward in life. With her help, I developed the confidence to leave a job I hated and open my own business. For the first time in my life I’m happy and I’ll be forever indebted to Melissa for guiding me on this journey".

-Lesley Byers, California
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